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Brighton solidarity for the Vestas workers

August 4, 2009

brightonvestas1120809[1]Supporters of the Vestas workers in Brighton have handed out some 1000 leaflets and raised over £100 in the past few days. On Thursday, one of us took the money to the Isle of Wight, where it was used to buy vital supplies based on a wishlist provided by the occupiers, and included food, drink, and crucially a kettle with tea and coffee . As reported in the Guardian and on Indymedia, a group of twenty people, including workers, local supporters, and campaigners from the Climate Camp, Workers Climate Action, the Anarchist Federation, AWL and others successfully brought these supplies into the Vestas wind turbine factory, to the whoops and cheers of the occupying workers.

The group split into two teams. One team approached the main entrance of the factory, carrying decoy bags of food, to draw off police and security guards. While this first team was being escorted and carried bodily from the site, a second team ran through a hedge and were able to pass a large sack of supplies up to the occupying Vestas workers. Vestas management have been attempting to starve the occupiers out. After much protest, they are currently providing them with one insubstantial meal per day such as a single slice of pizza or a lone sandwich per worker.

A number of NSSN supporters have been along to the Isle of Wight to support the workers occupying their factory. The previously un-unionised workforce have organised a very effective campaign and have the overwhelming support of the locals in Newport. The RMT who have come in to represent them are doing a top job, the workers call the shots but the union is backing them all the way.
A court hearing has been deferred until Tuesday because of procedural mistakes by Vestas management, giving more time to apply pressure on the company and the government.

The main problem is still the lack of decent food getting through, but despite this and the dismissal notices served to the workers inside morale remains very high.

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