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Sussex Uni update: protests, suspensions, injunction

March 5, 2010

Events are moving fast at Sussex University… after Wednesday’s student occupation of Sussex House and record strike vote by UCU workers, a protest was called this afternoon against police violence, and in particular the university management’s lies and collusion with police.

The head of security Roger Morgan herded staff into an office, locked it, then called police claiming to be held hostage, despite guarantees of safe exit from the occupiers. This provided the pretext for riot police to attack students. Read what actually happened on the Defend Sussex blog.

After the afternoon demonstration against police violence, news filtered through that University Vice-Chancellor Michael Farthing had begun summarily suspending students involved in the protests without any due process. This prompted a second, short notice demonstration in the evening in which over a hundred vocal students went around the halls of residence informing fellow students of the situation, gathering many names on a petition (you can also sign the petition online).

It has also emerged that University management have apparently been granted a High Court Injunction prohibiting “protest action (without the consent of the University of Sussex).” More information as we get it, and on the Defend Sussex blog.


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