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Holocaust denier denied platform

March 27, 2010

Far-right holocaust denier David Irving was prevented from holding a meeting in Brighton today. 20 anti-fascists mobilised to shut down the meeting. The manager of the venue threw Irving and his four neo-Nazi hangers on out as soon as he realised who Irving really was, but the fascists called the police and refused to leave without police presence. A police van and car responded and the Nazis promptly scarpered with their tails between their legs.

Irving masquerades as a historian concerned with the ‘truth’ of WWII, but often lets his mask slip. He has previously refered to his opponents as “filthy Jud Süß rats” in reference to an infamous anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda film. In painting opposition as a Jewish conspiracy he has also approvingly cited Hitler, saying “the Jews have always been clever infiltrators… always disloyal”.

Brighton remains a no-go zone for fascists – previously Irving has had his holocaust denial literature confiscated and destroyed by anti-fascists, and the National Front were run out of town by marchers at Gay Pride in 2007.


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