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Direct action removes misogynist magazines

May 8, 2010

Members of Brighton SolFed joined with others today to destroy copies of a magazine urging violence against women. The press release for the action is below:

A group of men and women, enraged by Zoo magazine’s advice from Danny Dyer to “cut your ex’s face and then no one will want her” (Issue #321, 07/05/10), have systematically targeted major news outlets in Brighton by removing and destroying dozens of copies of the magazine.

People Against Zoo (PAZ) replaced all copies of Zoo with a notice explaining the reasons for their removal; “all copies have been destroyed for inciting random street violence and violence against women”. The column had also advised the Zoo reader, who was seeking advice to get over a break-up, to go “out on a rampage with the boys, smashing anything that moves”.

A representative for PAZ said “we find it unacceptable to publish such advice when two women a week are murdered by their current or ex partners. We have been forced to take this action because no efforts have been made to remove this issue from sale to the public.”

“The fact this column passed Zoo’s editorial process tells you everything you need to know about this magazine. We strongly encourage men and women all over the country to send a signal to Zoo magazine by taking similar actions.”

Photographs of some of the magazines being destroyed are available in the PAZ gallery.

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