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Stop the Flexible New Deal! – Picket of FND providers in Brighton

May 10, 2010

Wed 12th May, meeting at the Clocktower, 11.00am

Join with Brighton Benefits Campaign to help the campaign to stop the Flexible New Deal.

On Wednesday we will be picketing FND providers in Brighton (Career Development Group, Maximus – a particularly odious US company steeped in fraud scandals and corruption – and Skills Training UK Ltd).

Income Support and Incapacity Benefit are being done away with under the guise of ‘helping’ people into work. But there is no money being invested in actual job creation. Instead, through the Flexible New Deal, £1 billion is being given to corporations to profit out of unemployment.

Whether you are on benefits or not it’s important to resist the Flexible New Deal. It is an attempt to get all benefits claimants to compete for a diminishing number of sub-minimum wage jobs, which will increase the competition between those looking for work and put pressure on those in work. The intended effect is to bring wages down and to make those already working willing to accept whatever conditions their bosses wish to impose.

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