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Leaflets, newsletters, pamphlets and magazines. Click on the images to download free copies; print copies of most of these are available from the local.

The stuff your boss doesn't want you to know The Stuff Your Boss doesn’t want you to know – A quick guide to your rights at work, by workers for workers.
What is anarcho-syndicalism? – An introduction to revolutionary, working class organising.
For workers’ control! – Lessons of recent struggles in the UK.
Download Catalyst #24 (Summer 2010), the latest SolFed newspaper.
Get Direct Action #47 (Summer 2009).
A participatory society or libertarian communism? 40-page pamphlet of a debate including a member of Brighton SolFed. Also available in print for £1/copy.
Against Nationalism – the Anarchist Federation make the argument. Also available in print for £2/copy.
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